Article 2

St. Louis Public Schools ... Making Progress


Board Policies and Administrative Regulations




P & R Numbers
Superintendent of Schools 2111
Associate and Assistants to the Superintendent 2112
Exec. Director, Director, Supervisors, Coordinators, Consultants, Chiefs, Managers, Consultant 2125
School Building Administration 2211
Administrative Operations 2400
Administrative Goals 2401
Attendance at Board of Education Meetings 2402
Organizational Units and Structural Relationships 2410
Evaluation of Operations 2412.1.2
Administrative Organization Plan 2415
Absence/Disability of the Superintendent 2422
Councils, Teams and Committees 2430
Leadership Team 2431
Administrative Leeway in Absence of Board Policy 2440
Control and Communications Systems 2460
Policies and Administrative Regulations 2461
Notice of Non-Discrimination 2471
Superintendent & Leadership Team 2540_1
District Health and Wellness Program 2600