Organizational Units and Structural Relationships

Evaluation and Research

Research, Evaluation - Evaluation of Operations

The district has a written procedural plan, approved by the board, which coordinates the evaluation of all programs and services. The overall design incorporates the goals, objectives, evaluation criteria, and evaluation procedures of the individual programs, designates responsible persons, and establishes timeframes for reporting to the board.

The St. Louis Public Schools shall regularly and at least biennially review and evaluate the goals and objectives of each program, receive reports of the effectiveness of each program and service and take action to ensure that these programs efficiently achieve their goals. Particular attention will be given to those areas of curriculum, instruction, and other major goal areas of the Board of Education. The gathering of this information results in the identification of areas of strength, as well as areas in need of refinement or improvement. This information is then incorporated into the board’s Comprehensive School Improvement Plan. The district shall also comply with the demands from outside sources who have the authority to request evaluation data.

The district will conduct thorough follow-up studies during one of the first two years and the fifth year following graduation from high school to assist in program evaluation.


Legal: Missouri School Improvement Standard 13.1

Policy adopted: September 8, 1998

Revised: February 9, 1999

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