Extra-Curricular Activities -- Clubs and Societies

The Board of Education supports participation in school-sponsored clubs as an opportunity for students to develop leadership skills, to practice self-government, and to learn constructive use of leisure time. Activities of authorized clubs shall be directly related to the achievement of goals for subject matter areas.

The board recognizes the value of student participation in selected activities that may not take place on campus as well as the value of appearances and exchanges of guests from outside the district.

The board supports parental involvement in club activities with the consent of the principal.

Youth chapters of secret societies and Greek Letter organizations may not exist in the school district as clubs sanctioned by the board.

These policies and regulations apply only to school sponsored clubs or organizations. All other clubs or organizations shall be governed by Board Policy P1330, regarding use of school facilities.


cf: Policy P1330 Use of School Facilities

Legal: Section 171.141 RSMo.

Policy adopted: June 26, 1990

Revised: July 9, 1996

Revised: December 07, 1999



Extra-Curricular Activities -- Clubs and Societies

School principals will approve or disapprove the establishment of all clubs or societies upon receipt of a properly executed application, which may be submitted by a teacher or a group of students. The application will be accompanied by a brief outline of the goals and objectives of the club as well as a summary of the activities in which members might be engaged.

Sponsors of clubs or societies will get written permission for club members to participate in all club activities from the parent(s) or guardian(s) of participating club members. Such documents will be valid for as long as the student remains a club member. Documents that constitute parental consent must be presented by a parent or guardian, in person, to the club's sponsor, or to the school’s principal, within the first ten (10) weeks of the school year. If a club activity is one in which a parent does not wish the child to participate, the parent will convey that in writing to the club sponsor. Club sponsors will publish and deliver to parents, through their children, detailed information about all club activities, particularly those activities away from the school.

Club sponsors may exclude from club membership or from participation in one (1) or more club activities, any student whose conduct is inconsistent with the achievement of the club's goals. A written statement explaining the reason for the exclusion must be given to the school principal and the student's counselor and parents by the club sponsor.

Clubs and Societies (continued) R6145.5

Guests may appear before club members with the knowledge and consent of the school principal as evidenced in writing to the club's sponsor.

Certificated employees who sponsor school clubs will adhere strictly to board regulations governing the establishment and conduct of such bodies and shall regularly evaluate their activities. The goals and objectives of student clubs may violate neither local ordinances nor city, state, or federal law.

Membership in a school club is open to all students unless, in the judgment of the club sponsor, a student has negated membership privileges through behavior considered inconsistent with the goals of the organization.

On a volunteer basis, students may share in the cost of an activity.

When transportation is provided to and from an offcampus activity, all club members who participate in that activity must use that means of transportation.

The principal will issue guidelines governing the convening and closing of club meetings, student conduct and responsibilities of the sponsor.

Club sponsors will remain with the members for the duration of club meetings and activities.

Regulation approved: June 26, 1990

Revised: December 07, 1999

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