Extra-Curricular Activities -- Interscholastic Athletics

The Board of Education believes that individual students should have the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive program of interscholastic athletics. Therefore, competitive athletics will be provided to as many students as possible through the Public High School League and other interschool athletic programs.

Administrative and fiscal responsibility for the athletic program is lodged with the board.

The activities of the Public High School League and other interschool athletic programs shall be governed by and conducted according to the rules and regulations of the board and the Missouri State High School Activities Association. Local rules of a more restrictive nature may be adopted when the welfare of the students or the public is involved.

Policy adopted: June 26, 1990

Revised: December 07, 1999



Extra-Curricular Activities -- Interscholastic Athletics

City-wide supervision of interscholastic athletics is the responsibility of the coordinator of boys' athletics and the coordinator of girls' athletics. They report to the director of special services. The coordinators are responsible for the preparation and monitoring of athletic budgets; for the management of the Public High School League; for assisting high school athletic directors in administrative matters, such as scheduling contests; for the supervision of interschool athletic contests in cooperation with the high school principals and high school athletic directors; for the coordination of various local athletic programs; and for advising and assisting the principals in the evaluation of the coaching staffs.

As an integral part of each high school’s offerings, the athletic program comes under the authority of the principal to the same degree as all other phases of the curriculum. The principal will appoint qualified St. Louis Public Schools staff members to coach and supervise all athletic activities and events.

An athletic director is to be appointed annually by the principal, with the approval of the coordinators of boys' and girls' athletics. The athletic director will be immediately responsible to the principal for the conduct of the interschool athletic program.

Interscholastic Athletics (continued) R6145.2

The maximum number of athletic contests permitted shall be that which is established by the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) or the St. Louis Public High School League (SLPHSL). Those sports where no maximum number of games is established shall have a maximum established by the director of athletics with the advice and consent of the high school principal, after consulting with the coordinator of athletics and the coach of the sport involved.

Non-league contests and events shall be scheduled by each high school athletic director with the help of the coordinator of athletics and coaches.

The sport seasons shall be those designed by the State High School Activities Association or the St. Louis Public High School League, whichever is most restrictive. Under no circumstances should contests be scheduled before Thursday of the mid-semester exam week and none except for state championship contests scheduled later than one week before the published date for the closing of the school year.

No post-season contests or championships, except those conducted by the Missouri State High School Activities Association or the St. Louis Public High School League, shall be scheduled in any sport.

All sport practice sessions will follow the guidelines established by MSHSAA and the SLPHSL. Practice sessions for any sport conducted after the beginning of the school year shall be limited to five (5) days a week (except as noted in MSHSAA or SLPHSL guidelines) and shall not continue beyond 5:30 p.m. In cases where the scheduling of facilities for several teams causes this provision to work a hardship, permission may be given by the associate superintendent for site support/instructional and leadership to the athletic director via the high school principal to alter these provisions in the best interest of the students involved.

Interscholastic Athletics (continued) R6145.2

Travel of team members to and from athletic contests will be by school bus or other appropriate means, and shall be scheduled by the athletic director. Students traveling with a team shall return with the team unless a request to the contrary, signed by the student's parent or guardian, is submitted in writing in advance and permission is granted by the high school principal or athletic director.

Complete, detailed regulations concerning eligibility for participation can be found in the SLPHSL handbook and MSHSAA official handbook. The following list highlights requirements for participation on an athletic team at one of the high schools.

1. In order to participate in high school athletics, the student must be enrolled in courses that offer two (2) units of credit, and must have earned two (2) units of credit the preceding semester in attendance in grades 9-12.

2. The student shall not compete for more than four (4) seasons in any one sport.

3. The student must have entered school within the first eleven (11) days of the semester in which he or she is competing.

4. The student shall have his or her name certified on a standard eligibility blank.

5. The student enrolling in a school other than that of his or her home district must have been in attendance one (1) calendar year before he or she becomes eligible, unless the parents move into the district. Voluntary desegregation transfer students have all of the athletic rights of resident students.

6. The student shall not have graduated from a four (4) year high school or its equivalent.

Interscholastic Athletics (continued) R6145.2

7. The student shall be ineligible after he or she has been enrolled in high school for eight (8) semesters. The seventh and eighth semesters must be consecutive. Twenty (20) days of attendance shall constitute a semester for the purpose of this rule.

8. The student shall not have been a member of an independent team during the time his or her sport was in session.

9. The student shall have a participation certificate (signed by a physician, parent, and the student) dated within ninety (90) days before the first season of participation, showing that the student is physically able to participate in the athletic contests of the school.

Regulation approved: June 26, 1990

Revised: December 07, 1999


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