R5150. 1
Reporting Acts of Violence
Reporting - Involvement with Law Enforcement Officials

School administrators are required to report, as soon as reasonably practicable, to the appropriate law enforcement agency any of the following felonies, or any act which if committed by an adult would be one of the following felonies, committed on school property, including but not limited to actions on any school bus in service on behalf of the district while involved in school activities:

1. First degree murder under section 565.020, RSMo;

2. Second degree murder under section 565.021, RSMo;

3. Voluntary manslaughter under section 565.023, RSMo;

4. Involuntary manslaughter under section 565.024, RSMo;

5. Kidnapping under section 565.110, RSMo;

6. First degree assault under section 565.050, RSMo;

7. Second degree assault under section 565.060, RSMo;

8. Sexual assault under section 566.040, RSMo;

9. Forcible rape under section 565.030, RSMo;

10. Forcible sodomy under section 566.060, RSMo;

11. Burglary in the first degree under section 569.160, RSMo;

12. Burglary in the second degree under section 569.170, RSMo;

13. Robbery in the first degree under section 569.020, RSMo;

14. Distribution of drugs under section 195.211, RSMo;

15. Distribution of drugs to a minor under section 195.212, RSMo;

16. Arson in the first degree under section 569.040, RSMo;

17. Felonious restraint under section 565.120, RSMo;

18. Property damage in the first degree under section 569.100, RSMo; or

19. The possession of a weapon under chapter 571, RSMo;

20. Child molestation in the first degree pursuant to section 566.067, RSMo;

21. Deviate sexual assault pursuant to section 566.070, RSMo;

22. Sexual misconduct involving a child pursuant to section 566.083, RSMo; or

23. Sexual abuse pursuant to section 566.100.

Likewise, juvenile officers, the sheriff, chief of police, or other appropriate law enforcement authority shall, as soon as reasonably practical, notify the superintendent or designee when any petition is filed against a student enrolled in the St. Louis Public Schools alleging that the student has committed any act described above, except subsection (12), burglary in the second degree. The superintendent, or designee, shall then report such information to teachers and other board employees as described in regulation R5150.2.

The superintendent shall notify the appropriate division of the juvenile or family court upon a suspension for more than ten (10) days or expulsion of any student that the district is aware is under the jurisdiction of the court.

Principals shall immediately report the following incidents to local law enforcement officials, and to the superintendent:

1. any instance when any person is believed to have committed an act which if committed by an adult would be assault in the first, second or third degree, sexual assault, or deviate sexual assault against a student or school employee, while on school property, including a school bus in service on behalf of the district, or while involved in school activities; and

2. any instance when a student is discovered to have on or about such student's person, or among such student's possessions, or placed elsewhere on school premises, any controlled substance or weapon in violation of board policy or regulation.

3. A board employee, the superintendent or designee who in good faith provides information to police under this regulation shall not be civilly liable for providing such information.


cf: Board Regulation R5150.2 Involvement with Board Employees

Legal: Sections 160.261, 167.115, RSMo.

Regulation approved: January 14, 1997

Revised: December 07, 1999

Revised: July 24, 2001

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