Insurance – Interscholastic Athletics

Insurance for students participating in the interscholastic sports program of the St. Louis Public Schools will be provided by an approved authorized insurance carrier for the period of one calendar year subject to renewal annually consistent with the provisions of Section 162.063, RSMo.

The insurance will provide medical, dental, and hospital coverage in instances where it has been determined by the board that the purchase of the same insurance would constitute a financial hardship to the person or persons responsible for the support of the student. The amount will be a maximum of $5,000 for a parent without insurance, or will supplement existing insurance to a combined maximum of $4,000 within 52 weeks after the date of the accident.

The policy contains a $25 deductible provision which must be paid first by the parents.

Limitations are as follows:

1. Diathermy, light, shortware, heat massage, manipulation or any other type of physiotherapy treatments, in excess of the first five treatments, will be payable only if hospital confined.

2. Dental expenses are payable up to a maximum of $100 per tooth, but not to exceed $300 in the aggregate for any one accident.

Injuries must occur while the student is participating in practice or at a game, or while traveling as a group under school supervision to a practice or a game.

Aggravation of a manifested or existing condition, or accidents not occurring as described above, are not covered.

The following items not covered:

1. Suicide or any attempt of self-destruction.

2. Replacing eyeglasses or prescriptions.

3. Services or treatment rendered by any person employed or retained by the policy holder.

4. Expenses covered by any other valid and collectible medical, health, and accident insurance.

Procedures for Filing of Claims

1. Students are to report incidents of injuries to coaches and the athletic director.

2. The athletic director is to submit an injury report, signed by the principal, to the Public High School League Office.

3. Medical expenses should be processed through any other insurance which the parent provides for the student.

4. After processing expenses through other insurance, or if the student has no insurance, complete a claim form from the approved authorized insurance carrier. If applicable, attach a statement indicating the student has no other insurance.

5. Send claim form and statement, if applicable, to approved authorized insurance carrier. Attach the balance of any unpaid medical bills.


Legal: Section 162.063 RSMo.

Regulation approved: June 26, 1990

Revised: December 07, 1999

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