Attendance Records -- Enrollment and Attendance Data
A. Registration

The registration in any St. Louis Public school on a given date is the number of different individual students who have entered during the school year, including both original entries and entries by transfer. Transfers made to any other public school in St. Louis shall not be counted in the registration. The registration includes withdrawals.

B. Enrollment

The enrollment for any day in the school year is the total number of individual students who have not severed their connection with the school either by withdrawal or transfer.

C. Average Daily enrollment

The average daily enrollment of any school for a particular period is obtained by adding the actual enrollment at the end of each day included in the period and dividing this sum by the number of days in the period.

D. Attendance

Attendance is the actual physical presence of the student in school on any day. The attendance for each school shall be recorded on an hourly basis.

E. Average Hourly Attendance

The average hourly attendance for any one day is total hours present divided by the number of hours possible in a day (usually six hours).

Once a student reaches the age of twenty-one (21), he/she is not to be included in the computation of average daily attendance for state aid purposes. For the schools records and for district attendance data, the school should keep a separate record on the number of students twenty-one (21) years or older and their attendance statistics.

All school principals and secretaries are to follow directions contained in the student accounting manual regarding maintaining student records.

F. Percent of Attendance

The percent of attendance is obtained by dividing the average daily attendance for any specified period by the average enrollment for the same period.

G. Average Attendance Per Teacher

The average attendance per teacher is obtained by dividing the daily attendance for any specified period by the number of teachers.

H. General - All Schools

1. Attendance records should be re-checked and verified by a second person at the local school level to improve the accuracy of the reports. This re-checking shall be documented by the name of the responsible person.

2. Teacher hourly reports of attendance shall be kept on file at the local school site for at least five (5) years. In the event a school is closed, records should be filed in the appropriate assistant superintendent's office or any site designated by the superintendent of schools.


Legal: Chapter 163 RSMo.
Missouri Public Schools Records Manual

Regulation approved: June 26, 1990

Revised: December 07, 1999

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