Attendance and Excuses -- Absence and Tardiness

Illness of the student or of another member of the family, or some similarly urgent emergency, shall be regarded as the only justifiable excuse for absence.

Students shall attend all classes to which they are assigned. Absence from assigned classes (class cutting) shall be considered the same as absence from school for that period of time.

When it becomes necessary for a student to remain at home, the parent or guardian shall notify the school as to the absence. When the student returns to school, the student shall bring a signed statement from the parent or guardian giving the reason for the student's absence.

When a student is late to school, the parent or guardian shall provide a written reason for the tardiness.

When a student is absent for extended periods or has frequent and sporadic absences, the principal shall prepare a report on the appropriate form for the school social worker. All cases of violation of the compulsory school attendance law such as truancy, nonattendance, irregular attendance, illegal child labor, and other cases of absenteeism shall be investigated by the school social worker.

The school shall enlist the cooperation of the parents and make every reasonable effort to help the student to improve attendance and/or punctuality. Continued and excessive absenteeism and tardiness may be a sufficient reason for disciplinary action, including exclusion from participation in extracurricular activities, suspension, an adjustment transfer, and/or referral to the juvenile court.

Parents of absent students shall be contacted by the social worker. Community resources shall be utilized by the social worker in addressing problems of the family that may be contributing to absenteeism.

If chronic absenteeism continues, the social worker shall notify the juvenile court and/or the Missouri Division of Social Services.

Regulation approved: June 26, 1990
Revised: December 07, 1999

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