Reduction in Force

Whenever it is necessary to decrease the number of employees because of insufficient money or decrease in pupil enrollment or lack of work, the Board of Education shall, consistent with policy statements and in compliance with state statute, cause the necessary number of employees to be placed on leave of absence without pay.

No new employee shall be employed by the Board of Education while there are employees of the district who are laid-off unless there are no laid-off employees with proper certifications, licenses, and qualifications to fill any vacancy that may arise.

Each employee laid-off shall be reinstated in inverse order of his/her lay-off. Such re-employment shall not result in a loss of status or credit for previous years of service. At the time of placement on leave of absence, a displaced employee shall advise the Human Resource Division in writing of whether or not the displaced employee desires to be considered for re-assignment. Employees must advise the superintendent of schools of their acceptance within 30 days from the date of notification by the superintendent of schools or his/her representative that a position is available to them. Certificated employees must assume the duties of the position to which they are appointed not later than the beginning of the school year following the notice of re-employment. Noncertificated employees must assume the duties of the position to which they can be appointed not later than the beginning of the month following the notice of re-employment. If a displaced/bumped employee refuses an offer of re-assignment in a position within the employee’s former job family, such employee shall be deemed to have resigned and shall not be eligible for further recall.

Reduction in Force (continued) R4870

In case of vocational education teachers reduced in force due to relocation of program, reduction, or elimination of any program, the Division of Human Resources will process the information to the metropolitan coordinating committee so that the teachers may be considered by the committee for placement in a pool of surplus certified teachers. If a teacher becomes part of the surplus pool, he/she will be given preference when vacancies exist in vocational education programs within the St. Louis County Special School District.


Legal: Sections 168.221-168.291, RSMo.

Regulation approved: June 26, 1990

Revised: December 8, 1998

Revised: August 6, 2003

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