Procedure if Board Members or Employees Are Linked With Contracts or Claims Against the Board

Members of the Board of Education and/or employees of the board shall not enter into or become interested in any contract with or claim against the board either directly or indirectly. Nor shall they serve as agent or employee of an individual, firm, association or corporation which contracts with the board or has a claim against the board. However, this prohibition shall not apply to employees serving as an agent or employee of labor organizations representing employees of the Board of Education if 1) such employee is on leave of absence status from the district; or 2) the employee's agency or employment position with the labor organization is an executive position not involving any active representation against the district. In addition, this prohibition shall not apply to Board employees if the employee discloses his or her interest to the superintendent and the superintendent determines that such interest is not detrimental to the St. Louis Public Schools.

If, and whenever, reliable information is received by any member of the board, that any member of the board has become interested in any contract with, or claim against the board, either directly or indirectly, or as agent or employee of any individual, firm, or corporation that is so interested, it shall be the duty of such member to state the substance and source of such information in writing and to present such information to the Board of Education at its next meeting. A special committee shall thereupon be appointed by the president to investigate the facts and report to the board. Upon the presentation of the report, the hearing of the charges may be had in such a manner as the board may determine. If upon a two-thirds vote of the entire board, it should be found that the member is interested as stated, the board shall file with the circuit court the necessary papers to initiate appropriate proceedings against the member, pursuant to Section 162.631, RSMo.

Procedure if Board Members or Employees.... (continued) R4850

The same procedure is to be followed for determining whether a board employee who recommends the selection or purchase by the board of any goods or services has an interest in any contract with or claim against the board. If it is found that such employee is interested as stated, he/she may be dismissed by the board.

Regulation approved: June 26, 1990

Revised: April 11, 1995

Revised: December 8, 1998

Revised: January 12, 1999

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