Personnel Hearings
Board Hearings -Teachers

Pursuant to Section 168.221 RSMo, teachers whose appointments have become permanent have a right to a hearing before the board before being dismissed or demoted.


In the event an employee is granted a hearing before the board pursuant to this regulation, the following procedures are followed:

1. The employee in question shall be notified in writing of the charges, date, time, and place of the hearing of the charges, of the employee's right to be present at the hearing and to have counsel or other representative of his choice, and of his right to testify and to offer testimony of witnesses as well as other evidence sustaining his defense, to cross-examine adverse witnesses, and to generally conduct a defense.

2. Pending a hearing on the charges, the superintendent may suspend the employee in question without pay. In the event the hearing body does not by a majority of members remove the employee upon the charges presented by the superintendent of schools and/or uphold the suspension, the employee shall recover any salary lost during the period of suspension.

3. With a quorum present, as defined by the board's bylaws, the Board of Education shall hear and consider the evidence and statements that the parties present at a hearing on charges against teachers pursuant to Section 168.211, RSMo.

Board Hearings - Certificated (continued) R4811

4. The board shall employ a stenographer who will make a full record of the proceedings of such hearings and furnish members of the board who did not personally hear the evidence with a transcript of record. The full board shall, by majority vote, decide the matter and no member of the board may vote unless the member has either reviewed the transcript or heard the evidence.

5. A copy of the decision of the board, together with a copy of its findings of fact and conclusions of law, shall be given to the employee and/or the employee's representative.


Legal: Section 168.221, RSMo.

Regulation approved: June 26, 1990

Revised: July 14, 1998

Revised: December 8, 1998

Revised: May 9, 2000

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