Leaves of Absence
General Guidelines for Leaves of Absence
Policy #  4620

Other Leaves - General
For other good reasons not covered under the policies of this part, the Superintendent, upon  receiving a written request from the employee, may recommend to the Board that an employee be granted a leave of absence without pay to address an extraordinary situation.  Any such leave of absence shall generally be limited to one (1) year.
Application For Leave Of Absence
It shall be the responsibility of each employee to make a written application for a leave of absence in advance of the period of the absence consistent with the timelines specified in the policies of this part covering the specific leave.  Requests for leave shall be made on the appropriate District form.  Each request for leave must be submitted to the employee’s immediate supervisor prior to the date of the leave for review and written approval, if appropriate.  After final approval, the application for leave will be submitted to the Human Resources Department at least seven (7) days before the date of the leave, unless otherwise specified.
Employment During Leave
Unless recommended by the Superintendent and authorized by the Board, an employee on leave of absence, excluding military leave, shall not accept full-time employment elsewhere during the period of leave.  Full-time employment elsewhere during a leave without Board approval shall be considered a resignation on the part of the employee.
Cancellation Of Leave
A leave of absence is automatically cancelled when the reason for which the leave was granted is changed by the employee.
Employee Status During Leave
Except as otherwise indicated in policies of this part, authorized leaves of absence without pay shall not impair the tenure or permanent status of an employee, nor shall it constitute a break in year(s) of employment for a probationary employee, but periods of such leaves of absence shall not be counted as periods of service for the attainment of tenure or permanent status or for salary advancement purposes.

Application For Reinstatement
Whenever a leave of absence has been granted for a period of five (5) weeks or longer, written application for reinstatement must be received by the Division of Human Resources, consistent with the timelines specified in the policies of this part for such leave.
Except as otherwise provided under the District’s FMLA Leave Policy, upon the expiration of an extended leave of absence with or without pay, the employee may be reinstated to the position he/she occupied at the time the leave was granted or may be assigned to another position for which he/she is qualified (if the original position is no longer vacant), so long as the employee can perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation.  Failure of an employee to report for duty promptly at the expiration of the leave of absence shall be deemed a resignation on the part of the employee.
Policy approved:  March 12, 2009

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