Leaves of Absence
Leaves For Jury Duty and Court Appearances
Regulation #    4620.6
Jury Duty
A regular employee shall be granted leave with pay, when summoned to serve as a juror.
Employees who are excused from jury service from an assigned trial for one (1) or more days are required to return to work.  The Superintendent may seek to have an employee excused from jury service when the employee’s absence from work would interfere substantially with the work of the District.
An amount equal to the juror fees paid to the employee shall be deducted from the employee’s District salary payment.  Employees will be required to execute an authorization form permitting the District to make this deduction.
Court Appearances
Employees subpoenaed for court appearances on behalf of the District shall be granted such leaves to appear without loss of pay.
Any employee who is a witness, victim or member of victim’s immediate family will be allowed to take unpaid leave to honor a subpoena to testify in a criminal proceeding, attend a criminal proceeding, or participate in the preparation of a criminal proceeding.  Such employees may, but are not required to, use their earned PTO days, if any, for such leave.  An employee subpoenaed to appear in any other type of court case not described above shall be permitted to use their earned PTO days, if any, for such court appearances.

Application For Leave For Court Appearances

It shall be the responsibility of each employee to make a written application for leave related to court appearances.  The request shall be made on the appropriate District form and shall be submitted to the employee’s immediate supervisor at least seven (7) days before the date of the leave, if at all possible.  The immediate supervisor will provide written approval for leave and process the leave form and associated documents to the Division of Human Resources seven (7) days before the date of the scheduled leave.

Return To Work
Upon return to work, the employee must submit his/her payment voucher, from the court to his/her immediate supervisor, who will submit the voucher to the payroll office.
Regulation approved:  March 12, 2009

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