The Board of Education of the St. Louis Public Schools believes that District principals should be acknowledged and rewarded for their contribution to student achievement. To that end, the Board establishes a Professional Accountability plan for principals.

The Establishment of an Educational Excellence Plan for Principals

The Superintendent shall identify specific “Annual Performance Standards” for each school in the District. These standards will reflect progress toward Long Term Performance Goals, also set by the Superintendent. In setting these goals the Superintendent may take into account the length of time it will take individual schools to achieve the desired Long Term Performance Goals. The time may vary depending on the amount of improvement required to reach goals, the resources available to the school and the learning characteristics and needs of the students assigned to the school.

• The Goals and Standards shall be based on the criteria listed below.
• Student achievement on the MAP tests
• Student achievement on other academic assessments the District administers system-wide Student attendance Dropouts
• Student Retention (elementary and middle)
• Student Discipline - Improvement in quality and atmosphere in schools resulting in reduction of Type I and Type II infractions


Student Performance Evaluation Criteria

Using data collected annually for each of these factors listed above, the Superintendent will use a student performance criteria ranking system to determine whether or not principals qualify for a monetary incentive.

Category 1: Schools that reached their Long Term Performance Goals and continue to maintain them.

Category 2: Schools that have made significant progress toward their goals by successfully meeting their Annual Performance Standards.

Category 3: Schools that fail to meet their Annual Performance Standards, but make progress.

Category 4: Schools that make no progress toward their Annual Performance Standards or experience a decline in performance.


The principals of schools which reach long term student achievement goals and/or which make significant progress toward these goals should be rewarded. To that end, the Board establishes an accountability reward program.

Professional Accountability Awards.

In order to provide incentives to principals of schools that meet or exceed their Annual Performance Standards and that reach Long Term Performance Goals, the Board creates a School-Based Principal Accountability Award. This is a cash award given to principals in these schools to recognize improved student achievement.

These awards are given yearly to principals in school which reach/maintain satisfactory achievement in the student performance. The Board will review the plan annually.

Policy Adopted: February 08, 2000

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