Recordkeeping-Time and Attendance
Regulation #    4273.3
Staff Assignments and Appointments - Certificated
High School Athletic Director and Athletic Coach

HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC DIRECTOR - The director of athletics and intramural sports (or athletic director) in each high school shall be a teacher who is appointed annually by the principal and approved by the associate superintendent.  The athletic director shall be assigned a teaching load of four classes, with one period for athletic director's duties and one period unassigned.  The athletic director shall not be assigned any study hall, special supervisory duties or advisory group.  The athletic director may not assign him/herself to a coaching assignment.  However, the athletic director may be assigned a maximum of one (1) coaching assignment by the District’s Director of Athletics.  Said coaching assigned must be approved by the principal and the associate superintendent.  The coaching assignments must in the same building where the coach serves as athletic director. In the event the athletic director has a coaching assignment he or she shall report to the District Director of Athletics and all expenditures for the team the athletic director coaches shall be reviewed and approved by the District Director of Athletics prior to the expenditure of funds.  Rates of pay for these assignments will be published in the annual Compensation Plan.

THE HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC COACH - The coach of each sport or activity shall be appointed by the principal with the advice of the high school athletic director and the approval of the respective associate superintendent.  A coach's services may be terminated at any time upon the recommendation of the principal and athletic director and subject to the approval of the respective assistant superintendent.  When the services of a coach are terminated, the coach will be paid on a prorated basis for services already rendered.  Such termination shall not entitle the teacher to a hearing pursuant to Section 168.221, RSMo.

No individual may be recommended for appointment to more than one activity unless there is no other teacher in the school available and qualified.  In any event a teacher will be limited to a total of three appointments.

An individual may not be appointed to any two league activities whose seasons overlap.  An appointee shall be expected to serve the full time designated for the activity unless the activity is terminated for lack of adequate participation.  No coach may receive a lightened teaching load instead of extra pay.  Rates of pay for this assignment will be published in the annual Compensation Plan.

Regulation approved: June 26, 1990
Revised: December 8, 1998
Revised: June 17, 2011

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