Eligibility Lists

1. Preparation of Eligibility Lists

Applicants for specific occupational and administrative positions shall be given an overall rating based upon the results of the screening, examinations and/or interviews. Applicants who are judged to be qualified as a result of the screening, examinations and/or interviews shall be listed on an eligibility list for such position by the Division of Human Resources. Individuals will be ranked on the ranked eligibility list based on their final overall rating from highest to lowest. Whenever two or more applicants have equal final ratings, their names shall be placed on the appropriate eligibility list in the order in which their applications were received. The ranking of current employees seeking a promotion shall be governed by Regulation R4237.5.

Administrators who are judged to be qualified based on a screening, examination and/or interview shall be placed on a non-ranked eligibility list. Appointment to a site will be made by the associate superintendent of site support.

2. Duration of Eligibility List

Once an applicant has qualified to be listed on the eligibility lists his/her name shall be maintained on such list for a period of one year unless

a. The applicant refuses to accept an appointment.

b. The applicant fails to report for work on scheduled date.

c. The Division of Human Resources receives notice by postal authorities of the inability to locate the applicant at his/her listed address.

Preparation of Eligibility Lists (continued) R4237.1

d. The Division of Human Resources discovers subsequent to placing an individual on the eligibility list that the individual has provided erroneous information on his/her application or other information that impairs the fitness of the applicant for the position to which he/she applied.

Regulation approved: June 26, 1990

Revised: December 8, 1998

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