Administrators Definition

"Administrators" is defined herein to include principals, assistant principals, instructional coordinators, and other certificated employees who are not employed by the board in a teaching position.

Administrators are appointed and promoted pursuant to the Policies and Regulations of the board. Administrators may be reassigned to a teaching position at any time. The provisions of Section 168.221 of the Missouri Statutes governing teachers and the procedures set forth therein are not applicable to administrators.

Any principal who prior to becoming a principal had attained permanent employee status as a teacher shall upon ceasing to be a principal have a right to resume his or her permanent teacher position with the time served as a principal being treated as if such time had been served as a teacher for the purpose of calculating seniority and pay scale. The rights and duties of a teacher who was formerly a principal shall be the same as any other teacher with the same level of qualifications and time of service.


Legal: Section 168.221, as amended by Senate Bill No. 781, 1998 Legislative Session.

Regulation approved: July 14, 1998

Revised: December 8, 1998

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