Auxiliary Agencies

Food Service -- Purpose(s) and Facilities

The district shall develop a written plan for nutrition services which includes specific goals, objectives, and assessment procedures. The plan is implemented, monitored, assessed, and revised regularly based on local needs.

The St. Louis Public Schools shall make available to all students breakfast and lunch programs. Breakfast programs funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have been considered in all schools and are implemented in those where statutorily required. These programs must be in compliance with the various state and federal policies and statutes regarding child nutrition and shall be consistent with the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

According to Public School Laws of Missouri 167.211, school boards may provide for the sale of lunches to children.

The superintendent of schools appoints the director of the division of food and nutrition services. The division of food and nutrition services is responsible for the procurement of food and non-food products, planning, preparation, and service of nutritious meals to students, total supervision of employees, sanitation and safety procedures, total responsibility for all good service functions, and all activities of food service employees. This division is also responsible for providing nutrition or dietary information and instruction to students in conjunction with the food service personnel and classroom teachers.


Legal: 42 U.S.C. §1751 et seq.; 42 U.S.C. §1771 et seq.
7 C.F.R. Part 210 National School Lunch Program
7 C.F.R. Part 220 School Breakfast Program
7 C.F.R. Part 240 Cash-in-Lieu of Donated Commodities
7 C.F.R. Part 245 Determining Eligibility for Free and Reduced Meals
Section 167.211, 167.201 and 191.803 RSMo.
Missouri School Improvement Program Standard 15.2

Policy adopted: June 26, 1990

Revised: February 9, 1999

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