Transportation: Student Transportation Services

The Board of Education, in accordance with state law, shall provide free transportation for eligible students attending the district schools. The superintendent shall insure that the transportation services of the district meet all of the guidelines established by the Federal Government, State of Missouri, and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as well as the policies that pertain directly to the qualifications of bus operators and operational procedures adopted by the board.

Only those students enrolled in the St. Louis Public Schools and who meet eligibility requirements by means of residence will be permitted to use school bus transportation for the purpose of traveling to and from school.

Access to all buses is limited to authorized riders and staff. Children not enrolled in the St. Louis Public Schools will not be permitted to “ride along” on school buses. All district staff and bus drivers shall report any instances of "trespass on a school bus" to appropriate administrators and law enforcement agencies.

Trespass on a school bus shall be defined as anyone who has unauthorized or unlawful entry. Any board employee whose job responsibilities require him or her to be on a school bus shall be authorized and not be considered trespassing. Any parent or guardian shall be allowed on a school bus if an authorized person listed above has granted permission.

The St. Louis Public School District shall provide transportation to and from school for all students in grades kindergarten through eight who reside one (1) mile or more from the school to which they are assigned. The District may provide transportation to students in grades nine through twelve who reside two (2) miles or more from the school to which they are assigned. Distance shall be measured by the shortest distance traveled between the home and the school.

Transportation is to be provided through the use of yellow school buses or other vehicles, consistent with the manufacturer’s recommendation, up to a maximum of four (4) students per vehicle, except as authorized by the director of transportation, in accordance with the provisions of State statutes 304.050 and 304.600, and State of Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education transportation regulations, and bus passes for Bi-State Development Agency buses in accordance with Board Policy P3541.3.4.

Individual students who, because of distance from school or other sufficient reason, would benefit from public transportation may, with the approval of the superintendent or designee, be provided with bus passes allowing such students to ride Bi-State Development Agency buses.

However, no district employee may transport students in a privately owned vehicle to or from school or to or from a school related activity unless as a parent or legal guardian.

Transportation from home for a student with a disability otherwise not eligible for transportation, or transportation between schools, will be provided if the IEP team determines that such transportation is necessary as a related service due to the student's disability.

Students who participate in special programs that are located away from their local neighborhoods are also transported by bus at the discretion of the superintendent. Examples are the Magnet School Program, Alternative Programs, the Gifted Program, and certain other special education programs.

Buses carrying school children will be considered extensions of the school environment. Any student whose conduct on a school bus is improper or jeopardizes the safety of other students may have his or her right to school bus transportation suspended for such period of time as deemed proper by the superintendent, building principal, or designee. Uniform rules of conduct and disciplinary measures will be enforced. Students with disabilities will be disciplined according to law.


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Policy adopted: June 26, 1990

Revised: February 9, 1999

Revised: July 24, 2001

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