Request for Removal of Property from Schools – Form SD-107 - Delivery-Transfer Request

The Delivery-Transfer Form SD-107 has been designed for the removal and transfer of Board property.

1. Building administrators will prepare a delivery-transfer (Form SD-107) in the removal of movable surplus or unfit items to the warehouse, bindery, maintenance shops, or to other building locations. Items will include textbooks, furniture, equipment, and various classroom and building materials.

2. Department heads and respective assistant superintendents or associate superintendents must approve all SD-107 request forms.

3. It is imperative that building administrators follow the guidelines and instructions as noted on the SD-107 Form in the removal of items from buildings for disposition and auditing purposes.

4. The warehouse and distribution director will rely on the accuracy and judgement of the building administrator in the classifying of items to be removed.

5. Items deemed as excess or surplus must be in usable and safe condition for continued use in our school system.

6. Through the control of the warehouse and distribution director and under varied circumstances and efficiency procedures, discarded items of no further use may be sold or disposed of on building site to the best interest of the school system (Request for Removal of Property from Schools -Form SD-107 - Delivery-Transfer Request).

7. Schools shall use a separate SD-107 form in requesting monetary credit for usable currently active textbooks submitted for removal to the board bindery or transfer to other school locations. The bindery unit will evaluate the condition of returned surplus textbooks in determining the proper credit to the schools.

8. Current textbook adoptions that are unfit for use shall be transferred to the board bindery for disposition. No monetary credit will be given for these books. Replacements, if needed, should be ordered on textbook requisitions.

Regulation approved: June 26, 1990

Revised: February 9, 1999

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