Purchasing Procedures

Requesting Goods and Services -- Acquisition of Administrative Software for Microcomputers

The purpose of this regulation is to ensure that administrative software acquired for use on microcomputers in schools and offices of the St. Louis Public Schools satisfies the standards of quality, compatibility, and applicability that have been established for the school system. The regulation is intended to guide the school system in making the most effective use of microcomputers for administrative purposes by standardizing the software to be used and by enabling support in the form of training and consultation to be implemented.

1. Requestor prepares a request for administrative software. The division of technology development's (DTD) recommended list may be used as a guide.

2. DTD reviews the request and approves/disapproves it. Review criteria include:

Purpose of the software: Does the software meet the needs for which it is intended?

Readiness: Is the intended user prepared to make effective use of the software?

Compatibility: Is the software compatible with existing systems' hardware and software?

Standardization: Does the software fit the standardization scheme for the district?

Cost effectiveness: Is the software cost-effective?

Training: Is training available to support use of the software?

3. DTD returns the request to the requestor with one of three approval classifications. A) approved as submitted, b) approved with modifications, c) disapproved.

4. If approved, the requestor creates the requisition for processing by the purchasing division.

5. If approved with modifications, the requestor must include the modifications in the requisition which is then processed by the purchasing division.

6. If DTD disapproves the request, the requestor will revise the approval and return it to DTD for re-evaluation.


Regulation approved: June 26, 1990

Revised: February 9, 1999

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