Purchasing Procedures

Requesting Goods and Services -- Approval of
Instructional Software

1. Requestor prepares a request on the automative requisition system. The district's recommended list may be used as a guide.

2. The division of technology development (DTD) reviews the request and approves or disapproves the request. Review criteria include:

a. Is software on the recommended software list?

1. If so, it is approved.

2. If it is not on the list, the requester will provide technology development with a review copy which will then be evaluated.

Evaluation Criteria include:

a) Content characteristics: Is content accurate, valuable, and free from stereotypes?

b) Instructional characteristics: Is the purpose well defined? Is the presentation of the content clear and logical? Are the graphics and sound appropriate? Is the feedback effective? Does the learner control the rate and sequence of the presentation and review? Can the package be integrated into the curriculum?

c) Technical characteristics: Are the user support materials comprehensive, easy to understand, and effective? Is the program easy to operate? Is the program reliable and free from bugs? Does the program use effectively the capabilities of the computer?

d) Cost Effectiveness: Is the software cost effective?

3. DTD returns the request to the requestor in the case of rejection or disapproval.

4. If approved, the requestor creates the requisition which is processed by the purchasing division.

5. If DTD disapproves the request, the requestor will revise the approval form and return it to DTD for re-evaluation.

Regulation approved: June 26, 1990

Revised: February 9, 1999

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