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The following contracts shall be accompanied by a bond in the amount of the contract, conditioned upon the faithful performance thereof and executed by a solvent surety company approved by the board as provided by these rules.

1. Except for emergencies as prescribed by Policy No. 3323.4, all contracts for the erection, repair, alteration, or addition to school buildings or school property or materials, equipment, or apparatus to be furnished where the contract amount exceeds $5,000 shall be made to the lowest responsible bidder. The bond in these situations shall ensure not only faithful performance of the contract but also payment for all materials used, all insurance, and all labor performed in connection with the work.

2. In all contracts for the furnishing of supplies required in the schools and by the board, excluding food products, the executive director/materials management, shall have the discretion to determine whether a bond shall be required.

3. All contracts for the purchase of frozen food products when payment under the contract is to be made by the board before substantially all of the product has been used. With respect to all other contracts for food products, the director of the division of food and nutrition services shall have the discretion to determine whether a bond shall be required.

4. Other contracts where a performance bond has been specifically required by school officials.

If the circumstances so warrant, the board may reduce the amount of the bond which must accompany a particular contract. In lieu of giving a bond as provided for in this rule, the contractor, with the written approval of the superintendent of schools, may deposit a like amount in cash with the treasurer.


Legal: Sections 177.161 – 177.171 RSMo.

Regulation approved: June 26, 1990

Revised: February 9, 1999

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