Community Assistance to School Personnel
Volunteers in District Programs

The superintendent of schools shall support the establishment of a comprehensive volunteer program to enrich and expand the educational opportunities available to the students of St. Louis, to increase the number of community volunteers serving the schools, and to develop a full range of community resources for the schools. Volunteer participation in the schools shall be encouraged as a means of increasing community knowledge of and support for the schools.

Policy adopted: June 26, 1990

Revised: February 9, 1999




Community Assistance to School Personnel
Volunteers in District Programs

1. The office of volunteer services and external resources shall provide these services:

--Recruit additional sources of volunteer support for the schools from the community at large.

--Create new volunteer service programs to meet the needs of students and staff.

--Develop monitoring, record-keeping, and evaluation procedures to ensure successful operation of volunteer programs in the schools.

--Coordinate the efforts of individuals and groups currently providing volunteer services to schools.

--Design and carry out activities aimed at recognizing and retaining successful volunteer efforts.

2. Any unpaid service provided to the schools by an individual or group is considered volunteer service. All persons providing such services without pay are termed volunteers.

3. The superintendent of schools and the Board of Education reserve the right to accept or refuse volunteer services from any individual or group. The office of volunteer services acts as the designee of the superintendent of schools and acts in consultation with other district programs that use volunteers shall establish criteria for accepting volunteers. It will operate as the clearinghouse for all volunteers.

4. Each district program working with volunteers is responsible for the following tasks as appropriate to the program's characteristics: Screening and registration of volunteers, recording of hours served and numbers of volunteers, and other responsibilities as required by the program's content.

5. The services of a person on a voluntary basis shall not be accepted or utilized where such services or the use of such services would constitute a conflict of interest.

6. In no case shall the use of volunteers, services or the availability of volunteers be used as the basis for a reduction-in-force. The availability of volunteers may be considered as a factor in determining the allocation of limited resources.

7. No volunteer may perform any service prohibited by the policies and regulations of the Board of Education or the laws of Missouri.

8. All volunteers shall work with a designated supervisor. In no case shall volunteers be asked or permitted to assume classroom supervision or disciplinary responsibilities.

9. Volunteers shall not be eligible for any benefits normally accruing to employees of the board, including health insurance, retirement, compensation for work-related injuries (workmen's compensation), fire insurance, leave, or the right to organize for collective bargaining purposes, unless such benefits are specifically provided for by the laws of the state.

10. Volunteers are required to act in accordance with relevant school policies and procedures including those regarding confidentiality, use of school premises, and standards of conduct.

11. No offer of voluntary services by any person shall be rejected on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship status, national origin, disability, or any other basis of unlawful discrimination under the laws of the state.

12. All volunteers must be registered through the office of volunteer services. Each volunteer shall complete a child abuse/neglect screening and criminal background check administered by the office of volunteer services before working as a volunteer in the district. Documents will be retained in the office of volunteer services and will only be released with written consent of the volunteer or as otherwise required by law.

13. Volunteers shall also be screened based on training, education, experience, character, and maturity to determine their ability. Volunteers must be mentally and physically capable of performing the essential functions of their duties without unreasonable danger of harm or injury to the volunteer or any other person. Although physical examinations shall not ordinarily be required, the superintendent of schools may require a physical examination where voluntary services involve the handling of food, or in any other circumstances deemed appropriate by the superintendent.

14. Each volunteer shall be informed of the rights and responsibilities of volunteers in the St. Louis Public Schools when he or she is accepted as a volunteer.


Regulation approved: June 26, 1990

Revised: May 25, 1993

Revised: February 9, 1999


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