At all meetings of the board or any committee of the board, a person designated by the board president or committee chair shall be responsible for the taking and preparation of official minutes.

The official minutes should contain a concise record of what was done at the meeting but should not contain a verbatim transcript of what was said. Written reports may be printed in their entirety or in part, or may be synopsized. Appendices to the minutes containing lengthy reports need not be printed but designation should be made in the written minutes where a copy of the material can be found for inspection by the public.

Official minutes of all open and closed meetings shall be taken and retained by the board, including but not limited to a record of any votes taken at such meeting. The minutes shall include the date, time, place, members present, members absent and a record of any votes taken. When a roll call vote is taken, the minutes shall attribute each "yea" and "nay" vote, or abstinence if not voting, to the name of the individual member of the board.

Any votes taken during a closed meeting shall be taken by roll call. All votes taken by roll call at board meetings shall be cast by board members physically present and in attendance at the meeting. In an emergency, however, as long as a quorum is physically present, absent members may vote by telephone or other electronic means, provided the reason for the emergency is recorded in the minutes.

One written copy of the minutes of closed sessions shall be kept on file in the board office for review, as necessary, by board members, the superintendent of schools, the board's legal counsel, and others designated by law.

Written minutes shall be taken at all standing and ad hoc committee meetings, to be filed and distributed appropriately.

The minutes of any board meeting will be made available in a format accessible to individuals with disabilities.


Legal: Section 610.021 RSMo.

Bylaw adopted: July 10, 1990

Revised: October 12, 1993

Revised: December 12, 1995

Revised: February 9, 1999

Revised: February 22, 2000

Revised: October 10, 2006

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