The Board of Education of the City of St. Louis is a body created and governed by state laws, its own policies, regulations, and bylaws, for the purpose of supervising and governing the public schools and public school property of the St. Louis School District. The St. Louis School District is classified by law as a metropolitan school district.

Powers and Duties of the Board

The Board of Education shall have general and supervisory control, government, and management of the public schools and public school property of the district in the city and shall exercise generally all powers in the administration of the public school system therein. The Board of Education has all the powers of other school districts under the laws of the State of Missouri except as herein provided and shall perform all duties required by general laws of school districts so far as they are applicable to the public school affairs of the city and are consistent with state law. It shall appoint the officers, agents, and employees it deems necessary and proper, and fix their compensation. The Board of Education may:

1. Make, amend, and repeal policies and bylaws for its meetings and proceedings, for the government, regulation, and management of the public schools and school property of the city, for the transaction of its business, and the examination, qualification, and employment of teachers, which policies, regulations, and bylaws are binding on the Board of Education and all parties dealing with it until formally repealed;

2. Fix the time of its meetings;

3. Provide for special and standing committees,

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4. Levy taxes authorized by law for school purposes;

5. Invest the funds of the district;

6. Purchase and hold all property, real and personal, deemed by it necessary for the purposes of public education;

7. Build and construct improvements for such purposes, and sell the same;

8. Provide for the gratuitous transportation of pupils to and from schools in cases where by reason of special circumstances pupils are required to attend schools at unusual distances from their residences.


Legal: Sections 162.571, 162.621 RSMo.

Bylaw adopted: July 10, 1990

Revised: February 9, 1999

Revised: February 22, 2000

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