Change Order Conditions/Limits

All contracts will contain provisions for determining the charges or credits for changes in the work and for extra costs to the project.
When a project requires a change order that is within the scope of the work, the change order may be issued according to the following conditions/limits:
· Any change order with an amount under $10,000 may be authorized by the commissioner of buildings.
· Any change order with an amount between $10,000 and $25,000 may be authorized by the superintendent of schools, or his/her designee.
· Any change order with an amount over $25,000 will require the approval of the board.
· In no event shall the aggregate of all change orders exceed 10% of the original contract amount without prior approval of the board.
· A written monthly report will be presented to the Board as a part of the superintendent's report at the regular meeting delineating the monthly change orders.
“Scope of work” means work performed in accordance with bid plans and specifications and including work necessary for the contractor to perform in order to comply with the intent of the contract. Scope of work under this policy will be determined by the architect, construction manager, and superintendent of schools.
Change Orders Outside the Scope of Contract
Any change orders for work not within the scope of the contract will be approved by the board before the authorization of said work; provided, however, that if the additional work is $25,000 or less, the superintendent of schools, or his/her designee, may, if he/she deems such change order to be of an emergency nature, authorize said work to be performed.

Award of Contracts – Change Orders (continued) P7502

When the superintendent of schools chooses to undertake an alternate identified in the bid documents for the original contract, such order for the alternate work shall not be considered a change order under this policy.

Policy adopted: July 24, 2001

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