Construction Management Services

The board may elect to engage the construction management services of a construction manager when planning, designing, and constructing a building or structure or when improving, altering, or repairing a building or structure. Construction management services may be used in the preconstruction phase or the construction phase, or both phases. The superintendent of schools shall comply with the provisions of Sections 8.675 – 8.687 RSMo. in the solicitation and award process for construction management services.

In soliciting for construction management services, the superintendent of schools shall follow the public advertising requirements as applicable to the dollar value of the project in question, as set out in Section 8.679 RSMo.

The superintendent of schools shall consider the following factors for each construction manager submitting a proposal:

Fees for overhead and profit; reimbursable costs for reimbursable items as defined in the request for proposal; qualifications; demonstration of ability to perform projects comparable in design, scope, and complexity; demonstration of good faith efforts to achieve compliance with federal, state, and local affirmative action requirements; references of owners for whom construction management has been performed; financial strength; qualifications of in-house personnel who will manage the project; and the demonstration of successful management systems which have been employed for the purposes of estimating, scheduling and cost controls.

The superintendent of schools shall then negotiate a contract, subject to board approval, with the construction manager selected.

If a contract at a fair and reasonable price cannot be negotiated with the construction manager selected, the superintendent of schools shall reevaluate the construction management services, and once again advertise and solicit proposals, consistent with Sections 8.679 – 8.681 RSMo.

Construction Management Services (cont’d) P7400


Legal: Sections 8.675 – 8.687 RSMo.

Policy adopted: January 30, 2002

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