Conducting Bond Elections - Registration of Voters

Voter registration is encouraged by allowing designated employees to serve as deputy registration officials at schools where parents and the general public may register. Students, parents, and the general public may register at school during school hours. High school principals should conduct registration drives for eighteen year old students in time for them to vote in the November and June elections.

All deputy registration officials must be trained by the St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners in conformance with its regulations and state law.

The office of public information is responsible for transmitting forms and coordinating activities with registrars and the St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners.

Principals and designated school administrators should be trained as deputy registration officials. Principals should encourage parents needing this service to register during parent-conference days.

High school principals should maintain a list that:

1. Includes the names of students who are registered voters;

2. Includes the names of seventeen year old students who will be eligible to vote in the current school year.

Registration of Voters (continued) P7302

High school principals should encourage all public school students to register immediately after their eighteenth birthday.


Legal: Sections 115.015; 115.017; 115.133; 115.135-.136; 115.143; 115.145; 115.147; 115.149; 115.151 RSMo.

Policy adopted: July 24, 2001

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