Determining Needs

The Board of Education recognizes the significance of providing school facilities that enhance the district's educational program. The superintendent of schools shall be responsible for conducting studies that establish construction needs. To assure a comprehensive approach, the following will be considered:

1. The school district’s Strategic Plan;

2. The changing educational program of the district;

3. Relations with the community and projected developments in those relationships;

4. Plant and site aesthetics as they affect education and community attitudes;

5. Changing make-up of our population with respect to age distribution, educational levels, and neighborhood density;

6. Community planning and zoning;

7. Safety and welfare of pupils;

8. Financial ability of the school district;

9. Relationship between projected facilities and those already in existence; and

10. True economy reflecting full value for each tax dollar spent.

Determining Needs (continued) P7200

The superintendent of schools shall designate the division of planning, in conjunction with the division of buildings, grounds, and property management, responsible for the determination of needs, the development of construction plans, and the monitoring of rehabilitation programs.

The superintendent of schools shall establish such administrative arrangements as may be necessary to determine construction needs. In so doing, a wide range of resources, including utility, commercial, industrial, and governmental entities may be utilized, as well as the staff and consultants if approved by Board of Education resolution.

Policy adopted: July 24, 2001

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