Policy #5113.3

Welfare of Students

Pre-K Ė 2 Early Dismissal Procedures

Students must be delivered and picked-up from school and extended day programs at the designated start and release time.School arrival and dismissal times must be clearly posted.

Pre-K Early Release/Dismissal Procedures

Custodial Parent, Legal Guardian, and Noncustodial Parental Rights

Students will only be released to authorized persons as set forth on the authorized designee form.Students are only released to the custodial parent/guardian and the noncustodial parent (with written authorization of the custodial parent and presentation of a legal document proving relationship to the student) or the custodial parentís designee.It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to update student information and notify the school of restrictions related to the release of a child, such as divorce decrees that limit or deny access to school information.

When parents of a student are separated, involved in divorce proceedings, or are divorced, the building administrator will respect the rights of custodial and noncustodial parents equally except when a court order exists concerning special restrictions.It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to provide the school principal with a copy of such a court order if restricted access to students or student information is requested.

Parental rights include access to student records and school mailings, attendance at parent/teacher conferences and Individual Educational Program (IEP) meetings, and authority to request that a student be released early or be absent from school for a legitimate reason (with appropriate court documentation).Absent a court decree to the contrary, both natural parents have the right to view the studentís school records; to receive school progress reports; to visit the child briefly at school; and to participate in parent and teacher conferences (not necessarily together in the same conference).

Early release/dismissal procedures are as follows:


         Custodial Parent/Legal Guardian/Designee must report to the main office.

         Custodial Parent/Legal Guardian/Designee must show photo identification that matches the name on a Designee Form (Authorized Pick-up Form).

         Custodial Parent/Legal Guardian/Designee must be at least 18 years old.

         Custodial Parent/Legal Guardian/Designee must sign the Early DismissalBook and the front office staff will then complete an early dismissal slip which will be given to the parent/authorized person to give to the teacher.NO CHILD SHOULD LEAVE A CLASSROOM WITHOUT AN EARLY DISMISSAL SLIP FROM THE FRONT OFFICE.

         School Official/Office Personnel must notify the teacher by Public Announcement System/Telephone that an authorized adult is picking up the child. Parent/Authorized Person may then proceed to the classroom to pick up the child. Parent/Authorized Person will present the early dismissal slip to the teacher; child is then released to the parent/authorized person.Pre-K parents must also sign the log book in the childís classroom.


Any person entering the building must report directly to the office and sign the visitorís log for clearance.Upon clearance, the person will receive a visitorís badge to be worn in a manner that is visible while on school property.Visitors who are on school property without proper authorization, including students from other campuses or students suspended from that campus, would be considered to be trespassing and are subject to arrest.


Safe-call is a confidential hotline for students, parents, teachers, neighbors and anyone concerned about the safety of their local school.Call SAFE-CALL when you know of any activity threatening your school at 314.241.7577.


Policy Adopted:May 17, 2012